In this initial phase, LaserAid is focused in developing a series of test installations in different locations. The objective is to produce useful data for future evaluation and development of active devices for road safety. For this reason, we are looking for companies interested in sponsoring socially useful projects.

Although we are all facing difficult moments, we firmly believe that some companies and entrepreneurs care about their community and citizens’ well-being. We offer the opportunity to combine a socially ethical investment while benefiting from a return of investment in brand awareness of extraordinary value.

Some of the benefits of sponsoring a test installation can be:

  1. Allocating part of the advertising budget in socially responsible initiatives.
  2. Creating awareness of this innovative technology to the local authorities and administrators
  3. Developing community-based program with immediate benefits

How does Sponsoring work?

The idea is quite simple and consists in proposing to investors the opportunity to finance the installation of our products in areas of public interest. There are several applications that can directly benefit of the Sponsor:

Possible applications of the EdgePlus technology:

  • A road section leading to a facility
  • A section of road frequently affected by fog
  • A particular traffic light or a dangerous intersection
  • Roundabouts

Possible applications of the Actalux technology:

  • In the vicinity of a business, retail facility, or shopping mall
  • To reach a parking lot
  • To cross heavily congested or high-speed road
  • Roundabouts

Sponsoring test installations can also be useful for institutional purposes, through enhanced community projects. In this case, the installations would be deployed in critical public areas. Here are some examples:

For EdgePlus:

  • Roads/junctions or routes with poor visibility
  • Close to a metro or train station
  • At rail crossings

For ActaLux:

  • At the entrance of public parks
  • In front of a museum or monument
  • In front of a church
  • Close to a metro or train station
  • In front of an open market
  • Tunnels
  • Close to Piers and Marinas

Once the area for the installation (one or more) has been identified, LaserAid will coordinate a team of authorized installers to fulfill all regulatory requirements and supply the LaserAid system as a turnkey project without any involvement of the Sponsor.

In conclusion

Sponsored test installations are an opportunity for all the parties involved to obtain tangible benefits in both practical and strategic terms.

Through Sponsoring, LaserAid can accelerate the development of its products and the Municipalities involved would benefit from a highly innovative solution for road safety. At the same time, the sponsor would be the promoter of a highly visible initiative which is socially responsible, and positively impact their community.