LaserAid EDGE PLUS™   –   for Road Edges   (contact us for quote and technical sheet)

LaserAid is the first patented Laser technology applied in road safety market to avoid disaster in conditions of poor environmental visibility. It consists of a set of special solutions aimed to increase road safety, visibility and driving support.

LaserAid EDGE PLUS™, the first LaserAid system to be tested on the road, is a Laser signaling system that creates 2D and 3D clearly visible light patterns that increase road safety even in unfavourable weather conditions (dense fog, heavy rain or snow).



LaserAid EDGE PLUS™ consists of:

  • one or more LaserAid IoT Controllers (wireless connections and sensors for automatic activation)
  • Laser illuminators (normally one for each lamp)
  • a web-based control center (remote management and alarms)

LaserAid provides a wide range of special solutions (B2B and B2C):

  • Special road markers
  • Special mobile signalers for the Police or road construction companies
  • Special signaling devices for ports and cargo ships

We are able to offer Smart Mobility services.

We manage after-sales and technical support with the possibility for the customer to take advantages of our LaserAid NMC (Network Management Center).

LaserAid solutions can be ideal to be applied in developing Countries and to reduce light pollution even in the absence of fog.

Video pitch (3min)


LaserAid EDGE PLUS™ systems simulation download video!


Our products:

  • Have a greater efficacy and a lower power consumption of LEDs
  • Can define visible and safer spatial patterns in the fog
  • Have low costs of construction, operation and maintenance
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Combined with existing systems ensure greater road safety
  • Can integrate multiple SMART MOBILITY services

Our framework provides a multitude of  Smart Mobility Services  as:

  • Thermal control of the galleries
  • Critical Control braking points
  • Detection of march against the traffic
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • etc.

Each device is equipped with control sensors that make sure devices in case of anomalies and an encrypted wireless communication network for full-remote management from our LaserAid NMC (Network Management Center).

How does it work?

The Laser is able to emit a light beam with a high spatial coherence, that keeps a Laser beam collimated over long distances, but it also has high temporal coherence which allows it to have a very narrow spectrum. It emits a single color of light.

In the retina of the human eye there are about 7 million receptors: red, green and blue receptors. These perceive colour and are called cones. However, most of them (approx. 60%) are green receptors. Therefore humans perceive the light colour green as much brighter than red and blue although the physical radiant power is the same. The highest perception of brightness experienced by the human eye is generated with green light on the 555 nm wavelength. The greatest luminous efficacy which can theoretically be achieved at 555 nm is, altogether, 683 lm/W.

A Laser generates about 390 Lumen/W, while the LEDs reach 250 Lumen/W. LaserAid systems project Laser beams through thick fog and dense rain defining spacial models, meaning 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional paths of visible and secure signaling.

These properties, combined with high gloss, are the basis of the wide range of applications that Laser devices have and continue to have in the most several fields.

A Laser beam can be clearly visible from more than 1Km, in heavy fog condition, without attenuation or dispersion (scattering) and its the only one artificial lighting system serviceable in unfavorable weather conditions. Those characteristics are at the base of our LaserAid systems.

Our patented devices are low cost, low consumption and high efficiency solutions for safe driving on all roads (highways and city or inter-city roads): they make visible road edges, roundabouts, crossroads, concealed entrances, zebra crossing, etc.