LaserAid W-Rail™

LaserAid W1-RAIL™ is a high-power LDs light band, European patent pending, with a dome-shaped top that produces a wider beam angle and a mechanical profile that makes it perfect for flush mounting on roads or tiling, typical of railway and underground stations, to delimit the dangerous docks line. Furthermore the soft structure makes it resistant to the transit of vehicles and pedestrians. LaserAid W1-RAIL™ is full custom-made to preserve light uniformity. It’s assembled and configured on site by installers.

LaserAid W1-RAIL™ is the ideal solution for railway roadway architectural works.



LaserAid W2-RAIL™ is a LaserAid special patented solution. A Laser emitter equipped with sensors and control unit, which projects a clearly visible red light band along the rayl docks.

There is no need to carry out any work on the flooring.

The advantages of LaserAid Wx-RAIL™ signallers are:

– Non-invasive synchronization with train arrival;
– Easy installation and integration with existing systems;






Applications: docks (road, railway, port) • Pedestrian crossings • junctions • Traffic lights • Road lanes • Roundabouts • Tunnels • Tunnel entrances • architectural works (civil and industrial) • safety channeling • tanks and swimming pools • Use for parking management in-out • Signaling of mobile bollards • Management of ramps and one-way streets alternating for private use • Complement for automatic barriers • All access/exit signals.