LaserAid consists of a set of technical, modular and scalable solutions, geared towards increasing road safety, visibility and guidance support, even in unfavourable weather conditions.

It is a Laser active “SMART” signaling system that creates bright 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional clearly visible references, that increase road safety even in dense fog, dense rain or snow.

Where no widespread illumination is needed, it is used to illuminate road paths, especially those that are extraurban or private roads, with very low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

It can be the ideal solution to be applied in developing countries and to reduce light pollution.


LaserAid has a wide range of applications (B2B and B2C), from on-road (streetlamps) to mobile devices for traffic support and Policemen, and maintenance road companies. It integrates an multifunctional framework with a low-cost development platform to provide several Smart Mobility services. It is a highly adaptable system to the specific needs of every customer.

We handle after sales and service, with the opportunity for our customer to take advantage of our LaserAid NMC (Network Management Center)



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LaserAid Edge Plus systems simulation