LaserAid is a family of products aimed at signaling paths and dangerous areas.

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Our catalog includes:


  • LaserAid LD-G/R™   –  without IoT, for companies operating in the lighting and Smart City sectors. To be applied on “smart street lamps” with proprietary IoT platforms. They are also useful for delimiting danger zones in industrial sheds, warehouses, etc.;
  • LaserAid TLLS™   –   for Traffic Light and Crossroads (we are testing it)
  • LaserAid RCS-MOBILE™   –   for Traffic Management & Police (we are testing it)
  • LaserAid PCLS™   –   for Pedestrian Crossing (we are testing it)

Other customized products:

Entrances to maritime and river tourist ports or “Lighthouses”.
In the dark and especially in case of haze it is often difficult for small boats (especially tourist boats) to find their way back. With LaserAid devices we generate luminous references, clearly visible from a distance, which facilitate the return to the port;