“It was February 12, 2010. It was about 2.00 am when I come back to home and saw a terrible accident in the fog. Two young men lost their lives, crashing into an unlit roundabout, made invisible by dense fog. I will never forget that date!

I thought that there must have been a way to make obstacles visible in the fog, and avoid dramatic accidents, like that.

I thought of when I was able in technical abilities and worked with Laser systems…

The idea immediately took shape in my mind, so as to induce me to find answers, take notes, dust off my old Laser and test them right away in the fog. From here a different, innovative and practical system was born; Aimed at improving existing lighting systems and helping not only drivers but also the environment.”

Domenico Gallo, Founder


After three years of research, testing and many obstacles to overcome, each of which seemed to annul the sacrifice every time, finally the dream of Domenico Gallo, founder of LaserAid, took form, strength and value.
Infinite perseverance, so much willpower to overcome long working months and the drawer has been opened, the dream has become a patent and LaserAid LTD Srl, an innovative Start-up, is the custodian.

LaserAid has a major social impact, as well as economic, in those geographical areas where weather events often reduce visibility for fogsmokesnowheavy rain. The number of victims or injured in vulnerable areas as well as social costs can be drastically reduced with the gradual introduction of LaserAid solutions.