Dense fog and heavy rain – its costs

Road accidents cost 300 billion euros annually to the EU and 27,000 victims.

Road accidents cost 300 billion euros and 27,000 victims every year to the EU. Estimates made in the USA suggest that the costs of road accidents caused by adverse driving conditions amount to $ 217 billion, 43% of the total cost of road accidents! At present, cost-effective and effective solutions that can save lives and reduce the high socioeconomic cost of road accidents are few, and ineffective.

LaserAid has a large social and economic impact in those geographic areas where atmospheric events often reduce the visibility, like fog, smoke, snow, and heavy rain. The victims or wounded in areas at risk as well as social costs can be drastically reduced with the gradual introduction of LaserAid solutions.

Every year hundreds of victims of imprudence are involved in driving with fog, often in colossal chain tampons, but also in road exits, impacts with trees, poles, bridge decks, impact on roundabouts, overturns on New Jersey freeways, or in clashes front.

Fog is a deadly enemy.

These critical conditions highlight the peculiarities of our innovative LaserAid systems, making danger visible by penetrating the fog and reducing the risk percentage.

They are as effective as weather conditions are worse.